Should we keep on lying concerning our User-Agent string ?

The User-Agent is a software used by an user (Thanks Captain). In this article, we'll talk about web browsers. Some User-Agent in the wild When you are wandering, you don't know it but you tell every website which web browser you are currently using. But it's not clear and simple nor very logical. Firefox If you use Firefox you won's send Firefox 77, no no. Instead you are sending Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.

How to script a Tmux session

This week, Alyve published a nice blog posts about Tmuxinator (french). Halfway in this posts you can read : Alors on va me dire “Oui mais tu peux configurer un script sh pour quand tu lances tmux toussa toussa”. Oui, j’ai pas ton temps, frère. Je suis là pour être productive et botter des culs avec mes nouvelles Doc Martens. Which I took as a challenge : Yes, we can easily automate things in Tmux natively !

Pleroma : unable to send public toots

It's been a week since my last public toot. I didn't noticed it at first but all my public toots weren't send to other instances. My private and followers-only toots worked perfectly but not the public ones. That's a bit hard to notice but after one week of being ignored i felt quite alone. :-/ As I use OTP release of Pleroma, i don't have any logs anywhere. I had to launch Pleroma with debug to get what i needed :

Adopting an Odroid N2

After the usual troubles with the french delivery services i now host a new board at home. Odroid N2 This little beast is a bit bigger than a Raspberry, but still cute. Even if it's a small one, it's still powerful (way more than a raspi (even the 4 non-throttled). With its 4GB of ram, a real Gigabit port and an eMMC slot, it doesn't have any performance hog and so can be a perfect home server.

Getting rid of unneeded linux firmwares in Alpine

A real quick post today. You probably know Alpine Linux, no ? It's one of the best linux distribution for now. One of its strength is its really small weight. It's very fast to install, take very few storage, and can be easily run. But, if you use one of the many default setup to use as a virtual machine (that's not really specific to VM) you'll notice that there is a lof of preinstalled things.

My keyboard colection

I wanted to share my keyboard colection for a while now. These are not the most beautiful nor the best ones but i like'em a lot. I'm quite proud of it. Most of them were found while dumpster diving. I tried to took good pictures to show them off. They are all working and i use some of them from time to time. Just a last warning : I didn't cleant them perfectly so they aren't all shiny and chrome !

Top et Htop

In a recent blog post i showed you a small screenshot of htop and some of you were interested about it so here's a small post about it. The good old top is good, belongs in Posix, is available everywhere even in busybox but htop is still better. But before going full on htop, we'll se how we can improve top's configuration. Using top when there is no alternative Yep, sometime you can't install your little htop.

Gonib and its environment

Yesterday i plugged in GoNib and now it lives ! Yesteryear I wrote about Nib my Nano Irc Bot. It's my personal assistant which can't talk but at least it doesn't spy on me. It let me do some more or less futile things through IRC. This script was a pile of different tools glued with bash shell. It worked well but i wanted a smaller and cleaner thing. I decided to code it in Go those last weeks.

Updating metadata's portage cache while using git

Gentoo usually use rsync to upgrade the Portage tree but it's now possible to use git. It's way faster because instead of reading the whole tree to see the differences between the local tree and the remote one, you just need to transmit the commits since the last update. It uses less bandwidth, less IO. But when you do this, you won't have the tree's metadata. It may be a problem if, like me, you use eix to get informations concerning local ebuilds.

Setting a Gzip bomb in Nginx without PHP

I was browsing GoAccess to see which 404 errors i was serving. There is more than 18.000 connections to wp-admin.php which is the webadmin of WordPress. There is also many other attempts to different other php things, nothing very legit. It's a chance i use Hugo which is a static site generator. On this webserver there is no PHP or any other dynamic language. Webpages here are only simple plain text files without any logic, the server just read the files and send them.

My usual routine to update the Linux kernel

Soon we will have a brand new Linux 5.0. It's not a real major release … it's just … easier to count from zero again rathen than higher than 20. So each time there is a new release, i quickly (ahem) update it. Here's my little ritual to upgrade to a new kernel ! Get the source Decompress and update the symlink Configuring the new features Compilation Installing and testing Updating the bootloader Let's be more verbose !

Some webtools to improve your website / mail / DNS

There is a lot of websites trying to help you improve your website, your mail server or DNS server. They try to promote good practice conterning accessibility, performances, security, SEO, reliability. Most of them will analyze your site (or at least one page) and will give you a score and some advices to improve your score. I like this concept. Gameification to improve yourself. Most of the time it's free, fast and useful.


Three months ago i talked about my move from Groovebasin to MPD in this article (fr). I already talked about my Frankenscript i used as an mpd client. Since last time, its name changed to TSMPCD which stands for Tiny Shell Music Player Client Daemon. So it's a bash script (not pure posix sh). It's basic but has three objectives : It's in charge to have an infinite playlist which never runs out by adding random songs to the end.

Farther in ZSH : ZMV

Ordinary people like their desktop environment but as a beard holder, i prefer a plain old dark terminal. You probably know the mv command which lets you move a file. Most of the time it's ok, but sometime you may have a lot of files to rename with some common parts. And now starts hell. You'll be able to bulk rename many files with some fancy options thanks to our beloved ZMV !

The Geekcode

Here is yet another old stuff ! There was a time where you had to proudly display your business card to exist. As every one knows, a geek can't really get outside its cave with it's mighty beard, so he needs a way to show off in the digital world. I raise you the Geekcode which is more or less a resume. Nani ?! Twenty years ago, being a geek wasn't trendy yet.

500 Miles Mail

Welcome to the new shares section of my blog !

I'll start with a not-so-famous story about emails. The strange case of the 500 miles mails.

A chairman contacting its sysadmin about mail which can't reach their destination if it's more than 500 miles.

I'm not sure this story is genuine but it is very good and well written.

Here is your webpage - local cached version.

Sorry for not translating all my french content but it takes a lot of work to produce such a great frenglish like i do…

Userscripts in Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser is a really nice browser but some points still lack while comparing it to the main browsers. It's developpment is way slower than Chrome and Firefox because of it's smaller scale with way less contributors and no paid devs without any commercial entity behind it. But it's still a good alternative with strong features if you are ready to accept little sacrifices. One of the sacrifice is the lack of extensions.

Using HTTP2 and PUSH in nginx

HTTP2 is a new revision of the famous <abbr="Hyper Text Transport Protocol">HTTP wich improves many points from it's first version. The first feature of HTTP2 is security as most of its implementations only works on top of TLS which was only the case with HTTPS. But on top of that, its performance were greatly increased. HTTP was used for nearly 20 years before the work on its sucessor started which gives enough time to see where things were faulty and how to improves this.

Lock your /etc/resolv.conf in OpenWRT

OpenWRT hate me and I hate it too ! Yes it's a weird intro but it's true. Each time i need to edit any setting on their web interface i start cleaning the flat or find something else to do. I'm used to managing classic Linux systems via SSH but I can't find anything in their system. Even defining you DNS resolver is hard on their system. Ma Internet connection is provided thanks to DHCP which means i get the IP settings AND a DNS resolver.

Qutebrowser per Domain Settings

Starting with version 1.2, Qutebrowser added a really nice feature : Per-domain settings You can now have global settings but on top of this having specific settings on a per-domain basis. The first interesting thing to do is being able to disable globally javascript but enabling it for selected websites. Your web browsing will become nicer. Everything feel faster and snappier, more secure and with better privacy. It's still not as good as good old uMatrix but still better than before.