Here you are in my humble blog.

You are directly connected to my little computer in my living room. I hope the scenery pleases you and the water temperature isn't too high.

I'll talk here about anything passing through my head. It means mostly geeky things and more precisely nunux stuffs (it's like GNU/Linux but way less serious). Articles are under *CC4-BY-NC-SA but everything is trading my dear.

How does it work ? 🔗

I'll post when i want, so the rythm will be quite erratic.

There are 4 different types of content each with its colour and a small label in its top left corner.


Here are well worked articles, they can be a bit long. It can even be tutos, or discoveries, stories.


Way shorter and most of the type about current news. It's less though, more instinctive.


Here my main goal will be to share a picture / a video / a website / a story. Not much content from me. These can be pretty ancient as i like digital archeology.

Dumb ideas

The name is self-explicit. Do I really nead to explain it ? IT can be a joke or a more serious thing, a feature request or a pure utopy.


The log in blog. I'll try to summarize each month what happened. What did I do|watch|listen.

You may sometime encounter texte with small thingies, you just need to hover it with your mouse to have some infos (not always interesting).

If I put some commands to copy (like here), the font is a bit different and the background change to easily distinguish where to select text.

On the left (or on the top on mobile), you'll find icons to mail/irc chat/RSS/toots/ or to see the website on a monopage.

Why this site ? 🔗

I like consuming handmade content where I can feel the art, passion and joy to share. So instead of staying a basic consumer i wanted to bring my stone to the building. I started very slowly in 2004. I started back in 2007.

You'll notice that older posts don't have publish date because i didn't wrote it back then. Since 2017, i decided to publish way more because I now took way more pleasure doing it.

I added a way to comment in August 2018 to add a bit of life to the site and to know what you want to say and chat with you. Comments are hosted on my server and served with Javascript. It's your content but it appears on my site, so I do what i want with them : if you write something I don't like, I'll slash it as I please without warning. I'm at home, I do what I want, that's not a freespeech space.

The blog main language is French but I'll try translating blog posts in english too (at least it looks like english). It's quite hard and boring to do so not every article will be translated and you may encounter some 404.

Under the hood 🔗

It's a static site generated with Hugo. Articles are written in a classic plaintext editor (often in Vim, sometimes in Amp, once in Nano, now in Kakoune).

This site respects its visitors. I don't track you, i don't monetize this blog, it's my little toy and hobby. This website works without any external connection except rare articles where I include videos i prefer not to host because of bandwidth and storage.

Javascript isn't mandatory exept for comments, but you can disable it if you don't care ;-)

I store web logs for 1 year. I sometime inspects them with GoAccess to vaguely see the number of visits but nothing very advanced.

I try to provide a nice website with a bit of accessibility in mind, if you find something wrong about this, don't mind contacting me to improve this.

The website use a custom made theme with CSS under *CC4-BY-SA. I thy to always have sufficient contrast with text big enough while still having columns not too wide (more or less 80 characters wide) to ease the reading. It's quite dark because that's what I like especially during the night.

As I said, it's hosted on my personnal home connection so It may have some downtimes.

The blog sources are available on this repo (only available with IPv6).

Contact 🔗

If you want to contact me, the best is to use IRC or Toot me in the Fediverse. You can also mail me but I don't read mails every days…