Compression BTRFS

Getting rid of unneeded linux firmwares in Alpine

The default Alpine Linux installation comes with many unneeded firmwares installed (just in case). Luckily, they can be easily removed with a simple apk add linux-firmware-none.

Top et Htop

Top is a posix command to collect many informations about running processes on your machine. Htop is a popular alternative giving you the same informations plus some more in a nicer interface.

Setting a Gzip bomb in Nginx without PHP

Tired of seeing thousands of 404 erros in my access.logs of users trying to find php files to hack my server I wanted to fight back. I set up a Gzip bomb. Let's see how to set this up with Nginx but without PHP.

Using HTTP2 and PUSH in nginx

How to benefit from HTTP2 new features from nginx ?

Lock your /etc/resolv.conf in OpenWRT

Here is how to lock you /etc/resolv.conf in Openwrt

Sisyphus the spam mover

Meet Sisyphus, a little antispam software which plays directly in your maildir.

Reverse proxy, 6 months later

Six months later here a little feedback about the reverse proxy on my blog.

Ultimate DNS guide v1

The ultimate DNS guide. How to set it up, how to maintain it, how to have a modern stack. Deploying DNSSEC and DANE.

Easily manage your dotfiles with git

Manage your dotfiles without a new soft. Easily with versionning and all.

Using CAA dns records to protect your TLS

Enhancing your TLS stack thanks to this new dns record.

Leveraging nginx microcaching to boost your perf and prevent downtime

How to set microcaching on an nginx reverse proxy.

Unmount your root without reboot

How to unmount your root filesystem when your os runs on it ? Follow the guide

Managing Gentoo's overlay without layman

Managing Gentoo's overlay without using the good old layman

Start services in tmux at boot times

A trick to bypass your init in order to start applications in tmux at boot times. Really handy and better than a classic init.

Dinamycally updating your DNS zones

How to dynamically update your DNS records without editing the zone file. Locally or remotely.

Multi devices BTRFS

Let's play with BTRFS multi devices.

BTRFS snapshots

Let's play with btrfs snapshots

Throw you livebox out but conserve your TV service

Tutorial to replace a Livebox with a true router. The goal is to keep the TV service.

Hack^wFixing some Gentoo.

Emerging gentoo ebuild when your toolchain is broken

Let's Protocol !

We are gonna talk different network protocols by hand

New kernel not for fun

Playing with OpenVZ

Adding PostGrey and …

My journey to enhance my selfhosted mailserver