Some webtools to improve your website / mail / DNS

Here are some tools to improve your website, your mail server and/or your dns server.

Lock your /etc/resolv.conf in OpenWRT

Here is how to lock you /etc/resolv.conf in Openwrt

We all depend on registrars and registries

Purism post-mortem about their 2018 dns outage reminds us the infamous dependance with registry and registrars.

Ultimate DNS guide v1

The ultimate DNS guide. How to set it up, how to maintain it, how to have a modern stack. Deploying DNSSEC and DANE.

Using CAA dns records to protect your TLS

Enhancing your TLS stack thanks to this new dns record.

Dinamycally updating your DNS zones

How to dynamically update your DNS records without editing the zone file. Locally or remotely.