Adopting an Odroid N2

I just received a new computer at home : a little Odroid N2 which is an alternative to the famous Raspberry Pi while being way faster and more balanced.

My keyboard colection

I already talked about my little fetish : keyboards. Here is my old keyboards colection. See those wonderful pictures !

Monoculture disaster in the CPU world in early 2018

Monoculture is never a good thing and this time CPUs will suffer in this 2018's beggining

Mom goes to retirement

Replacing mom with zoid. A server retire and another one replace it

Ho hi !

Hit me again I'm not dead yet ! I just fixed a long standing bug i was facing on an asus g50 laptop : outputting audio from the jack. It was really easy but never found out before. I just added a line in /etc/modprobe.conf :

I admit this article won't be of a great help but my future me reinstalling a nunux will probably happy to find it.


Changing my server/router/nas