Multi keyboard layouts in Xorg

How to configure Xorg to have multiple keyboard layouts on multiple physical keyboards ?

AMD Graphic Drivers 2017

AMD just opensourced another piece of their graphic stack

Easily manage your dotfiles with git

Manage your dotfiles without a new soft. Easily with versionning and all.

Unmount your root without reboot

How to unmount your root filesystem when your os runs on it ? Follow the guide

Foldcat : text hints will browsing your folders in your shell

This is a small script i use to remember things as I browse my filesystem.

Keep rsync from filling an unmounted partition

A small tip to avoid filling your host partition when you forgot to mount a fs.

Managing Gentoo's overlay without layman

Managing Gentoo's overlay without using the good old layman

Start services in tmux at boot times

A trick to bypass your init in order to start applications in tmux at boot times. Really handy and better than a classic init.

Multi devices BTRFS

Let's play with BTRFS multi devices.

Devtmpfs and Udev are on board of a boat

Post-Mortem following an electricity outage.

A Modern linux desktop

Some thoughts about modern linux desktops. Which tools,philosohy to reach which goals.

New kernel not for fun