Enhancing my nunux environment

I don't use a full desktop environment where everything is prebuilt/prepackaged but i installed many different software to create my own lite environment. It's sway based with many little tools on top.

Compression BTRFS

Adopting an Odroid N2

I just received a new computer at home : a little Odroid N2 which is an alternative to the famous Raspberry Pi while being way faster and more balanced.

Getting rid of unneeded linux firmwares in Alpine

The default Alpine Linux installation comes with many unneeded firmwares installed (just in case). Luckily, they can be easily removed with a simple apk add linux-firmware-none.

Top et Htop

Top is a posix command to collect many informations about running processes on your machine. Htop is a popular alternative giving you the same informations plus some more in a nicer interface.

My usual routine to update the Linux kernel

Each new major kernel release i upgrade it. I enable/disable the new options and all. Here's my little ritual.

GLSA from Gentoo

Small introduction to GLSA. It's a team from Gentoo, but also a command to patch your system against security breaches.

Multi keyboard layouts in Xorg

How to configure Xorg to have multiple keyboard layouts on multiple physical keyboards ?

AMD Graphic Drivers 2017

AMD just opensourced another piece of their graphic stack

NIB : My personal IRC assistant

Here is my nib : nano irc bot. It's written in shell and I use it as a personnal assistant to monitor machines, rss feeds, crypto currencies, to manage my todolist and some other features.

Easily manage your dotfiles with git

Manage your dotfiles without a new soft. Easily with versionning and all.

Unmount your root without reboot

How to unmount your root filesystem when your os runs on it ? Follow the guide

Foldcat : text hints will browsing your folders in your shell

This is a small script i use to remember things as I browse my filesystem.

Keep rsync from filling an unmounted partition

A small tip to avoid filling your host partition when you forgot to mount a fs.

Managing Gentoo's overlay without layman

Managing Gentoo's overlay without using the good old layman

Start services in tmux at boot times

A trick to bypass your init in order to start applications in tmux at boot times. Really handy and better than a classic init.

Multi devices BTRFS

Let's play with BTRFS multi devices.

Devtmpfs and Udev are on board of a boat

Post-Mortem following an electricity outage.

A Modern linux desktop

Some thoughts about modern linux desktops. Which tools,philosohy to reach which goals.

New kernel not for fun