Reverse proxy, 6 months later

Six months later here a little feedback about the reverse proxy on my blog.

Meta-news about the blog

What I did behind the scenes on the blog these last months

Devtmpfs and Udev are on board of a boat

Post-Mortem following an electricity outage.

Mom goes to retirement

Replacing mom with zoid. A server retire and another one replace it

2013 - Handmade CSS.

Yet anothe blog post about the website design. What have i become ?!

CSS tweaks

The usual useless post about css. I know it's boring but now you'll read it.

Bootstrap the website

The exact moment of your life when you want to apply bootstrap on every html file.

Yet another new website revamping

Some ideas about the future of this website

A bit of polish

And here comes a bit of modernisation. A new design full of gradient thanks to CSS3. We can at least create dynamic stuff easily and quite appealing designs. No pictures required.

PS 2017 : I changed the design but still use the same tooling. Still true !


Changing my server/router/nas

Let's monitor our lan !

We will set up a small munin to watch network activity.

Optimisation of the webserver

Some small optimisation to Lightty

Migrating to full ssl

Just some words to announce that i forced SSL on this webserver. It shows my crypto-anarchist anti-hadopi (french law against piracy) side and I know that you like me to burn my CPU more to show you boring webpages with pointless articles.

Switching webserver

I just switched the webserver from the big ol' Apache to the tiny Lighty. It feels quite user-friendly this one. Way lighter and with a nicer configuration file.

It's so easy to set new vhosts. So now I'll try optimizing lighty and mysql to eat less ram…

Yet another new website !

Yes, for the Xth time i remade my website from scratch with a handmade CMS. As usual i do my best to have an xhtml-valid website. Even text webbrowsers can render it correctly !

I hope that the new (web 3.0 certified) will suits you as much to me.