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TSMPCD is my tiny bash script to have an infinite playlist in MPD and some notifications.

Sisyphus the spam mover

Meet Sisyphus, a little antispam software which plays directly in your maildir.

Reverse proxy, 6 months later

Six months later here a little feedback about the reverse proxy on my blog.

My software wishlist : Vol1

My small wishlist of features or my dream softwares


Qutebrowser is a Python/Qt web browser using webkit/blink. You'll browse the web like you edit in vim !

Leveraging nginx microcaching to boost your perf and prevent downtime

How to set microcaching on an nginx reverse proxy.

Substring History Search in ZSH

PROTIP : how to substring history search in ZSH.

Unmount your root without reboot

How to unmount your root filesystem when your os runs on it ? Follow the guide

Keep rsync from filling an unmounted partition

A small tip to avoid filling your host partition when you forgot to mount a fs.

Managing Gentoo's overlay without layman

Managing Gentoo's overlay without using the good old layman

Start services in tmux at boot times

A trick to bypass your init in order to start applications in tmux at boot times. Really handy and better than a classic init.

Multi devices BTRFS

Let's play with BTRFS multi devices.

IP Proxy Logs Nginx Reverse

How to have the real Client IP Address in nginx logs when you are behind a reverse proxy ?

Devtmpfs and Udev are on board of a boat

Post-Mortem following an electricity outage.

Mom goes to retirement

Replacing mom with zoid. A server retire and another one replace it

BTRFS snapshots

Let's play with btrfs snapshots

Basic survival guide in vim

The bare minimum to know about vim

Vim : The linuxian bestfriend

Why use vim ?