Should we keep on lying concerning our User-Agent string ?

Web browsers identify themself with a user-agent string they give to servers. Most of the information in this string are wrong but are kept for historic reasons. It was put there because of bad websites relying on these to display correctly. Can we start over now in 2020 ?

Some webtools to improve your website / mail / DNS

Here are some tools to improve your website, your mail server and/or your dns server.

500 Miles Mail

Welcome to the new shares section of my blog !

I'll start with a not-so-famous story about emails. The strange case of the 500 miles mails.

A chairman contacting its sysadmin about mail which can't reach their destination if it's more than 500 miles.

I'm not sure this story is genuine but it is very good and well written.

Here is your webpage - local cached version.

Sorry for not translating all my french content but it takes a lot of work to produce such a great frenglish like i do…

Userscripts in Qutebrowser

Using native javascript in Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser per Domain Settings

Here's how to enable javascript only on selected websites in a recent Qutebrowser.

Web ≠ Internet

No, You can't interchange the words web and Internet. It's not the same thing.


Qutebrowser is a Python/Qt web browser using webkit/blink. You'll browse the web like you edit in vim !