Three months ago i talked about my move from Groovebasin to MPD in this article (fr). I already talked about my Frankenscript i used as an mpd client. Since last time, its name changed to TSMPCD which stands for Tiny Shell Music Player Client Daemon. So it's a bash script (not pure posix sh). It's basic but has three objectives : It's in charge to have an infinite playlist which never runs out by adding random songs to the end.

AV1 is released !

You may not be waiting for it but it's coming. AV1 is a brand new video codec. One more but this one is made by AOMedia and that's what matters. AOMedia : Alliance for Open Media AOMedia is a new consortium quite which aims to provide the world with a royalty-free codec. It may looks strange but nearly every major video codec came from a single actor : the MPEG-LA which specialized in selling licences for all its codecs.

We all depend on registrars and registries

Purism just suffered from a massive dns outage. All their websites were down. What caused this ? It appears their domain name was unreachable. After looking for a bug in their DNS servers, their was nothing to be found. The registrar It came from their registrar. The registrar is the entity from which you rent your domain name (no you don't buy a domain name). They phoned to the hotline but apparently nothing were wrong on their side.

Meta-news about the blog

Two months after introducing fast-posts here a small report. Rythm I think i reached a nice regular rythm to publish new articles. It's not a difficulty anymore. It's now easier and more natural to write content. It's a even a real pleasure to write. Creating a distinction between traditionnal posts and fast-posts was a good decision which let me being more spontaneous. Layout I tweaked a bit the site layout.

Mozilla starts restricting new Firefox features to HTTPS-served pages

In its quest to a safer web, Mozilla just announced they are going to restrict new firefox features to webpages served through HTTPS. Even if i'm completely convinced that HTTPS should be used everywhere i reckon that it can't be done in all cases. Sometimes it's not possible to deploy HTTPS. Here is some examples which come to my mind : If the webserver isn't connected to the Internet, it's getting complicated to get a valid cert (it's a completely legitimate use case to deploy a webserver without Internet access).

The death of Vimperator : how does an opensource software die ?

It's over for Vimperator. While Firefox dropped its old API, Vimperator couldn't survive. I don't know why but it's with a pinch in the heart that I see the closing of the github issue which could have saved it. There is nothing new. We knew it for more than a year but today is the day. Just with the little red icon notifying the end. The repo will still be there with the code and all to be archived.

Monoculture disaster in the CPU world in early 2018

Monocultures proved multiple times they were risky not only in the IT world. When you plant only one type of vegetables, you risk losing everything when an insect or a disease chooses you. Today, time has come for Intel CPUs to suffer. Intel's monopoly Intel is a leader in CPU for many decades and sometimes it becomes a monopoly. It's like this for at least ten years. AMD is just recovering thanks to its new Zen architecture after ten years of despair.

Last 2017 Firefox' Drama

Mozilla had a great year. Since Chrome's first release and its gigantic marketing (remember those video ads, giants billboards in all inhabited place, and all those links on Google's websites…), Firefox's market shares slowly diminished. But Mozilla is awakening and many of its efforts starts to show off. Now Mozilla release “oxidized” Firefox (it means they are implementing more and more code written in Rust (rust… oxide… it's not my idea, it's semi-official)) and rebuild all its infrastructure with some trade offs.

AMD Graphic Drivers 2017

In 2007, AMD adopted a new strategy about their graphics drivers after their ATI acquisition. They decided to help opensource graphics drivers developers by releasing a lot of documentation. A few years later they helped more by dedicating some of their devs to the opensource driver. Again, they later adopted a new architecture where their proprietary driver and the opensource one share the same kernel module to mutualize devs efforts.


Here is a new section on my web site. Fast posts. I post more and more on my site. I try to produce content of better quality. Articles become longer and need more work. You probably notice that i greatly increased the release rythm. At first it was tedious but it comes more naturally now. I find it quite appealing writing on my site. I'd like publishing more regularly but if i stick to big complexes articles I won't be able to sustain this effort for long.