Meta-news about the blog

Two months after introducing fast-posts here a small report.

Rythm 🔗

I think i reached a nice regular rythm to publish new articles. It's not a difficulty anymore. It's now easier and more natural to write content. It's a even a real pleasure to write.

Creating a distinction between traditionnal posts and fast-posts was a good decision which let me being more spontaneous.

Layout 🔗

I tweaked a bit the site layout.

First, i added the last edition date (if there is one). It's manual for now but i may change that later by using the file git metadata.

I then corrected fast-posts colors in list pages. For those who haven't noticed yet (mainly the rss readers), fast-posts have a blueish tint. This slight blue wasn't applied in lists.

Lists ? It was half broken but I repaired page lists. When you click in articles tags (like "meta", "hugo", "blog", "git" on the top), you go to a page which lists every articles from this category. You may not know it but it was broken but it's better now. I tweaked my hand-crafted hugo theme (it's probably not the best place to change it but you know…). One day I'll publish the theme somewhere.

As I repaired categories, I added a lot of tags to existing articles.


Let's talk about the æsthetics changes in CSS.

Stylized a little bit the last edition date in articles.

I also changed the <hr> style which where awful to now reach the meh-level.

I indented list items which where a bit too much on the left.

I centered images.

And also added some style to <table> which you'll see in a future article.

How do i do it ? 🔗

I always have one or two articles waiting before releasing them.

I put them off for some days before returning to it. This increase the quality of articles.

Before, i wrote article and released them without waiting. Hours/days after being published, i often had to add/remove things from the articles. By letting them sit on my cold computer for some days and then re-reading them before releasing, i can change them, see typos and all. This way all articles have a second pass before being published.

Having always some articles close to be published i can maintain a good publishing rythm. It's a small tip which increase quality without any downside.

Which tools to publish ? 🔗

How it's done ?

  1. cd ~/www - That's where i keep the sources files
  2. hugo new posts/ - to create the file with metadata
  3. amp - to start amp and write text
  4. hugo server --navigateToChanged -F -D --disableFastRender - to be able to browse edits in realtime.
  5. git add content/posts/ - to add the new file to the git repo
  6. git commit !$ -m "[BLOG] ajout article xx titre du post" - to commit files and add a comment to the repo
  7. git push - to save the repo and publish on the website.

What if you built your blog ? 🔗