I'll follow the trend to degooglify myself starting by letting go my gmail account and start using my own mailserver. I decided to use the "classic" stack of postfix/dovecot/roundcube/procmail.

I can't say it was an easy move. It was quite some work to study and set up everything but it's a huge step to be free. It feels normal to host this essential piece of my communications. It may be less efficient or stable than relying on Google (i'm gonna need an UPS) but it's needed.

Next step : fix this shitty utf8 encoding of my beloved Gentoo. It's clunky from there and there. Ok i stop bothering you with my "typos".

PS : Septembre 2017 : Nearly ten years later I can tell that I never encountered any bad downtimes. Some interruptions there and there but never missed a mail (nor any spam). It's been a really good move.