Optimisation of the webserver

As I only have a small basic french ADSL connection, my upload is very limited. So, when you visit this wonderful website, the page load time could hurt you. To try to mitigate this I enabled the gzip compression. In my case the difference is astonishing ! The file size decreased by 4 times. To do this i just had to edit /et/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf . Just uncomment the line mod_compress and add these two lines :

compress.cache-dir = "/tmp/lighttpdcompress"
compress.filetype = ("text/plain", "text/css", "text/xml")

I also enabled it directly inside PHP. Add these two lines in /etc/php/cgi-php5/php.ini and you're good :

zlib.output_compression = On
zlib.output_handler = On

There you have a lighter website. Enjoy all those spared KB !

PS 2017 : I don't use lightty anymore but I still use gzip to send every webpages. It's a small trick without side effects even on a bigger internet connection.