Let's Protocol !

So, what if we played a bit ? We will speak some network protocols by hand through a socket (netcat or telnet). Ready ?


Gogo SMTP : Sending an email like a tru3 h4ck4r. nc monserveursmtpfavoris.com 25

EHLO myfavoriteserver.com
MAIL FROM: mylogin@myfavoriteserver.com
RCPT TO: myrecipient@hissmtpserver.com
One supa mail

Ok you've just sent a slick mail by hand. Now that you are convinced that SMTP is easy, what about IMAP ?


nc myfavoriteserver.com 143

. login myuser mypass
. status INBOX (messages)
. status INBOX (unseen)
. fetch myfavoritenumber full
. logout

Once again it was easy but less interesting…


Next : IRC ? ok ! nc myfavoriteirc.com 6667

user mynick myhost myfavoriteirc.com :myident
nick mynick
privmsg myfriend : Telnet is so fresh !
pong myfavoriteirc.com

So… not my bad for this timee, no ?


A small hint : if you want to do the same thing but with a bit more privacy thanks to ssl/tls : replace netcat with openssl : openssl s_client -connect host:port Maybe we will learn more protocols later