Yet another new website revamping

Once again i'm wandering what to do with this website.

Creating more content more regularly as a true website ? I could motivate me more and be please you more. I'm quite confident i could provide you with more interesting content. It could serves me well too (i'm one of my biggest reader).

If so, do I continue to use my actual one-big-file-webstite not so crappy ? Do i use a real CMS (maybe static) ? I played a bit with node.js these days. As a non-dev, should i invest in it ? I would be a very big hurdle to create something usable. If it works i would opensource it and become the new wordpress ! I don't know. If I choose this path it should be small and could be a main topic for some blog posts…

So today I'll just play with CSS and a bit a nodejs. Admire how i splitted the wonderfull wall-of-text into more distinct articles. Maybe one day i'll use pictures !

PS 2017 : Finally i kept the lonely one-html-file-website until August 25 2017. All handmade during 10 years. Now i use Hugo (static cms) written in Go. I didn't used nodejs.