CSS tweaks

When you rely on Bootstrap css, your website looks like every other trendy websites. So i tweaked a bit my lil monster. I overcharged the original css with a custom.css . It let's you change the design without breaking bootstrap. And if you upgrade bootsrap, any change you made will persist.

First to be a special snowflake : change the font. This change is tremendous ! It has a bigger impact than you would think. You'r too accustomed to your usual font so seeing any other thing will blow your mind. So just go to google fonts (yes i'm ashamed) and zouuu it's done. Those Droid Sans and Droid Serif are all kawai-desu !

Add some colors there and there to differentiate your titles from the paragraphs. Increase the font size of titles too and also everywhere. I don't have that much content so writing bigger looks better. Easier to read. Trust me on this !

I added a slick vertical gradient going darker. A small css animation on the title and now i be proud of your "all handmade design".