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My software wishlist : Vol1

Here's my 2017 letter to Santa Code. I don't think all my wishes will be answered but we never know…

||| : Le magic pipe

You know what really grinds my gear ? I frequently open many terminal emulators. Often i connect to various remote boxes. Sometimes with multiple jumps. Even sometime on machines without Internet access (containers and VM accessed from the hypevisor).

Well. You just want to transfer a file between two of your terms… it's only spaced by some pixels on your screen but they can't connect each other !


Close your eyes.

Breathe slowly.

Hold back your tears.

Open a new tmux session.

Curse yourself.

Reconnect to your machines.

Struggle with tmux to write the scrollback buffer while praying it's big enough to fit everything you need.

You see the mess. What I propose is : cat my file ||| in one term and in another one ||| > my file. It looks unrealistic, I know. But frankly : who wouldn't want this ? I could be done on tmux's layer or below, directly on the terminal's level (with a daemon or something else).

OpenSSH Escape Sequence to initialize file transfert

As seen above i often connect to multiple remote machines with SSH. You are deep in you filesystem tree and you need to transfer a file. I keeps bugging me to have to open a new term to launch a SCP command.

My simple solution would be to create a new escape sequence in OpenSSH (you know ? Commands beggining with ~. to disconnect or ~? to see all commands available). For now, you can create a new tunnel or close one but that's more or less all you can do.

Adding ~u and ~d for example to upload or download a file in the actual connexion (it's permitted by the protocol itself). This feature exist in some obscure ssh client elsewhere but who doesn't use openSSH ?

Learn to the linux kernel to scan devices before mounting a Raid BTRFS

I'm now a happy user of a RAID6 BTRFS (I am the DANGER, I am the one who loose all its data) but i had to create an initramfs to be able to mount the root filesystem. To mount a multi devices btrfs you must scan all the devices before doing it (btrfs device scan) and then you can mount your fs. The linux kernel could do it by itself but no :-(