Filmmenu, a little script to launch movies

Here is a quick blogpost to show you filmmenu. I use a NAS at home with many hard drives and many partitions. I don't have a RAID (no need) so my files are scattered in all partitions.

All my datas are well sorted except for movies which are in multiple partitions. So when I'm looking for a specific movie, I never know where to look at. So I wrote this think :

#! /bin/sh
if [ $(mountpoint -q /mnt/bender) ]
        timeout 3 i3-nagbar -m "/mnt/bender n'est pas mount ! Un ptit coup de sshfs au préalable"
if [ -r $DB ]
        if [  $(date -r "$DB" +%s) -lt $(date +%s --date '45 days ago') ]
                timeout 4 i3-nagbar -t warning -m "DB de plus de 45 jours, update !"
                exec mpv "$(cat "$DB" | dmenu -i -l 10 -lh 40 -fn 'Droid Sans Mono-15')"
        printf "Création de la DB\n"
        timeout 3 i3-nagbar -t warning -m "Création de $DB, on vous prévient quand c'est fini"
        find /mnt/bender/stockage/*/films/ > "$DB"
        timeout 3 i3-nagbar -t warning -m "$DB créé, c'est tout bon. Vous pouvez relancer la commande"

I launch it with Alt è in i3. Here what it does :

Mountpoint checks that the NAS is mounted on the right place. If it's not it spits an i3-nagbar which is a small utility from i3 displaying a bar with a configured message.

Then we test if the database exists and if it's not older than 45 days. If it's not we create the file with a basic find redirected to a file (the database).

We then give the file to dmenu which prompts the user to select which movie to watch. Then mpv gets the movie path and plays it.

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