GLSA from Gentoo

I realized I never talk about Gentoo on my blog. It's by far the best Linux distribution.

Instead of trolling, Gentoo is good because (but not limited to) you can quickly check if your system is vulnerable to a known security breach.


Gentoo isn't a giant distro with lots of devs but is still pretty well staffed. There are multiple dev teams with different focus with one dedicated to security. This team publish security reports called GLSA wich stands for Gentoo Linux Security Advisories.

These are regularly published and lets you being informed about new breaches in multiple softwares provided throught portage. To read them their are multiple ways. I follow their RSS feed with Nib.

GLSA-Check 🔗

But to be sure i use glsa-check which is a small tool in gentoolkit (a set of tools to use in Gentoo).

A little glsa-check -l (one a day) will list all the known vulnerabilities affecting your system. If it find anything, you can also get more info thanks to glsa-check -d XXXXX-XX. You'll know when this vulnerability was discovered, which packages are affected in which version, what's the impact and how to fix it.

Then you can directly glsa-check -f XXXXX-XX to fix the vulnerability by itself. It will often just upgrade a package or two to the right version.

This small tool isn't very popular but it is very efficient and fast. It won't replace a sane updating policy but it will let you get enough information on a running system. Keep on emerge -uDnav @world regularly.

By the way, if you want to add another interesting feed to you rss aggregator, Debian publish their DSA.