Web ≠ Internet

There are some things bothering me.

For some it's the Interpunct (there is a global french crisis about it in France), for others it's la digitalisation (in France the translation for digital it numérique which comes from numbers (0 and 1) but many use the world digital which in French is an adjective meaning "about fingers" like fingerprints are empreintes (prints) digitales), others despise blockchan leading to disrputions but my Nemesis is using « Web » and « Internet » exchangeably.

# Web ≠ Internet

You know why it pisses me off ?

Because those are two different things !

Internet is a network of networks

Internet is an amalgation of many networks talking the same language interconnected. One giant worldwide network talking IP which means Internet Protocol.

The web is a protocol to transfers data

The Web or World Wide Web is a system to share data (most of the time in only one-way) some Hypertext documents. Hypertext is a systèm to link many documents to each others only with some text

This ← this is an hypertext link. It will let you read another document at another adress without you needing to finish to read this actual document. We could call Gamebooks Hypertext books as you won't read them linearly but follows link.

Anyway, I digress.

Those two can work independantly

Internet was created in 1983 with the adoption of IP (but it existed for at least two decades).

The web was created in early 90s so wayyyyyyy later !

Before the web, people were already sending mails. It's the oldest social network still in use !

It's possible to do Web without Internet : you can setup a webserver without connecting it to the Internet. That's not rare at all actually as many Intranets works this way and many IoT provide web Interfaces without accessing the Net.

You can use the Internet without using the web. When you open a webpage, before using the web, you'll use the DNS (from 1983 too, before the web itself). If you are using emails, you'll probably won't use the web. If you are chatting in IRC you'll use the Internet but not the web. When you are playing an online video game, you'll use the Internet, not the web.

# Web ≠ Internet

Even if those last years, lots of people are trying to push everything in HTTP (the web protocol, Hyper Text Transport Protocol), you should not exchange those two terms.