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The Geekcode

Here is yet another old stuff !

There was a time where you had to proudly display your business card to exist. As every one knows, a geek can't really get outside its cave with it's mighty beard, so he needs a way to show off in the digital world.

I raise you the Geekcode which is more or less a resume.

Nani ?!

Twenty years ago, being a geek wasn't trendy yet. It didn't mean being able to buy the latest high priced gizmo while knowing two or three technical terms. The work «geek» itself wasn't known from the public and it was nearly an insult. By the way, still there was a lot of different types of geeks.

Beyond IT, a geek is just a very passionate so there is a lot of different types.

drawing of 56 types of geeks by Scott Johnson

Can you find yourself in more than 2 of these ?

A dude named Robert A. Hayden decided to sort the geeks with a bunch of questions to establish the geekcode.

Ok, where is it ?

Sadly, the last official version (3.12) was released in 1996 but it's still usable. A french guy created an update in 2010 so you can find the 3.20. But even this newer one is still a bit obsolete so just use the 3.12 for now.

Here's mine :

Version: 3.1
GIT d? s--: a C+++ UL++++ P L+++ E--- W+++
N+() ?o ?K w-- ?O !M ?V !PS !PE Y++ PGP(+)
t@ ?5 ?X ?R !tv b- DI D++ G e++ h r+++ z?

Is someone motivated to build a now 2018 version ?